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April 29, 2021
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June 8, 2021


It is a fact that we have been dealing with a lot of change because of the coronavirus outbreak. And although in some parts of the world, things seem to be getting closer to normality, there are many countries where the COVID crisis still is out of control. So,yes,COVID is still making all very angry.

Many of us have been forced to pospone even decline our projects.The feeling the uncertainty, the inability to control, and, or resolve the pandemic, generates frustration. When we are not able to prevent,organize or lives we feel insequre .That insequitrity causues anxiety,frustration ,when we can not handle it,it “blows up “as anger.

We see increase of anger on daily basis everywhere from supermarkets to streets, Domestic violence rates have increased. Anger is a human emotion; how we deal with it is what differentiates us as humans from animals.Anger generates stress and,as we said before,that stress hurts our immune system leaving us much more vulnerable to any disease. .

Manage anger effectively

Isolation, loosing contact with family and friends. Lockdown itself alone or, with the close family is hard to handle. It is important to understand that if we are experiencing anger, it is a sign of our distress and is a display of our suffering, its normal but, we must try to handle it in a useful way Remeber that anger generates more stres and stress hurts our immune system So if we handle better our anger we can even reinforce our immune system.

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Generally, the way you behave when you are angry is based on behaviors you have learned through your life. The good part is that those behaviors can be “unlearn”, leaving room for new ones. We can exercise different tools and develop new skills.

Anger affects our body

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Anger affects our body in many ways. It increases adrenaline and other chemicals into the bloodstream which causes the heart to pump faster, raises the blood pressure, tenses the muscles, causes dry mouth, upsets the stomach, causes sweating, and basically causes a “fight or fight ” reaction. When the enemy is a virus and we don’t have any tools to fight it, we feel very frustrated.

The way anger affects the body is usually not harmful, but it could be if a person is angry for long periods of time. Being angry for too long can cause a host of health problems, not to mention relationship problems with those around you. No one wants to be around an angry person. To avoid this, it’s wise to learn how to manage anger.

  • Recognize when you are angry.
  • Identify the trigger for your anger.
  • Stay focused on solving the problem.
  • Stay calm when others are angry. 
  • Control your behavior. Breath and count before reacting

Seek for treatment for anger management

We understand that anger can be a challenging emotion to experience and manage. If you are struggling with your anger and feel that you would benefit from some professional help, many therapy services are now providing support through video conferences in response to COVID-19 so that people can still access treatment during this time of social distancing. Seek for professional help.

At Estrada Vigil & Medical Group we have many specialists that will be able to help you through this situation ,in person or online, with the less emotional impact possible. Remember we can not change the situation we are going through but we can change our attitude towards it.

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