September 26, 2018
Expat Chid Syndrome


    To move to a foreign country when you are single is one big threat. To move abroad as a couple, is different, now, to […]
August 3, 2017

The healing power of writting…

I come from a family of writers .My great grand father,my grandfather,my mother,  they all were fantastic writers and I always thought it was a gift […]
November 20, 2016

Helping a grieving child

I guess one of the hardest situations I have had to deal with in my 25 years of experience as a psychologist was,just at my beginning […]
April 25, 2016

The Silent treatment….

Hello there, I have seen a lot people suffer and complain with this “silent treatment” in my office. Thinking about it, I guess we all might […]
February 3, 2016

What to do when vacations become a cause of stress

Holiday stress Holidays are supposed to be a chance to recharge and enjoy happier times. However, many return home disappointed with their sunshine break, with many […]